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As the most iconic synthesizer company from New England, ARP has a storied history of making music in the Northeast. The ARP Foundation, led by Dina Pearlman (daughter of Alan R. Pearlman), strives to give students access to legendary ARP synthesizers. We achieve this through events, installations, and programs such as “ARPs For All”, a collaboration between the Foundation and Boston’s own The Record Co. Our next “Synthposium” event, celebrating 50 years of the ARP Odyssey, goes live on November 5th with an impressive collection of performances, interviews, and more.


Circuit Happy was founded in 2017 by Ed Guild to find ways to make connecting musical systems more effortless. First he released The Missing Link Desktop: a clock generator with Ableton Link integration, packaged up in a shiny little desktop box. After many requests, Circuit Happy released a Eurorack version, ML:2. With these two devices, drum machines, modular synthesizers, iOS music apps, and desktop music programs can all be synched together over a local WiFi network. You can spend less time figuring out how to sync everything and get jamming faster!



Electronic Audio Experiments is an independent pedal manufacturer in Boston, MA founded in 2015 by guitarist and electrical engineer John Snyder. Our products are imagined and assembled in a small workshop by a close-knit team with strong ties to the world of audio. We offer a mix of original designs and homages to forgotten circuits of the past—all engineered to the highest standards of quality and utility.



Retroaktiv is a manufacturer of synthesizer controllers and studio hardware.


Since 2009 Stompbox Sonic has been providing an extensive tonal palette for musical exploration. Focused primarily on effects pedals, SBS helps sound based artists and musicians realize their musical vision.



Ever increasing inventories for modular analog synthesizers in all formats.

We are a family business operating from Concord, MA



Tall Dog Electronics makes various Eurorack modules, as well as the Simple Skiff line of modular aluminum Eurorack cases and power supplies. We also make the TinyNES, an open-source retro video game console, and several secret projects are in the works too. Tall Dog is located in Easthampton, Massachusetts.