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Luke Stark  –  visuals by Anagram


ximena – visuals by Anagram


Michael Bierylo – visuals by Diane Menyuk


Wizard Peter


Natalie Hogue – visuals by Merritt Schwartz


Odie DeSmith – visuals by Jame Coyne


TotoRobyn – visuals by Jame Coyne


Mute City – visuals by Vidumami


NXOR – visuals by Vidumami


Aether Chroma – visuals by Vidumami


Virosa and Funkhouser – visuals by Allison Tanenhaus


Retribution Body

Michael Bierylo


Michael Bierylo is an electronic musician, guitarist, composer, and sound designer and has performed throughout the United States as a member of Birdsongs of the Mesozoic.

As a solo electronic artist, he has performed with laptop computer and modular synthesizer in the US, Berlin, Shanghai, and Krakow including concerts with Grammy-nominated electronic musician BT and Terrance Blanchard. 

Aether Chroma

Aether Chroma is the electronic music project of Providence-based media artist Derek Hoffend. Recent live and recorded work focuses on using a Eurorack modular system to create pieces that merge beat-driven melodic sequences with textural soundscapes, drawing from a wide range of influences such as electro-industrial, IDM, glitch, electro and synth-pop, drone, experimental noise, and ambient genres.

Natalie Hogue
w/ Merritt Schwartz


Natalie Hogue is a sound artist engaged with synthesis and live-coding. Her 2021 album Public Transportation Music deals with infrastructure, public good, and the evocation of space.

Merritt Schwartz is an experimental sonic and visual artist who seeks to create new audiovisual landscapes focused on texture, color, and abstract complexity.

Mute City


Mute City’s music skips from microhouse to drone to IDM, from lush heaven-bound escalator soundtracks to gritty lofi distorted back-alley trash-fights. Bandcamp’s New and Notable feature described his latest full-length, Total Resignation, as “bringing a songwriter’s ear to intricate electronic music, bringing together crystalline melodies and crisp drum programming.”

Odie DeSmith

Odie DeSmith is a multimedia artist, composer, electronic music performer, and creative developer. His practice focuses on the ways in which emerging technologies can enable new forms of artistic exploration. His work has been showcased at the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME), Supplyframe DesignLab, and won the Ableton Award at the CalArts Expo. DeSmith holds a BFA in MTIID (Music Technology: Intelligence, Interaction, and Design) and a minor in digital arts at California Institute of the Arts.

Elizabeth Virosa
& Giuliana Funkhouser


Elizabeth Virosa & Giuliana Funkhouser’s collaborations fuse synthesizer and field recording improvisations into meditations on the dark and thrilling aspects of prolonged isolation and gradual re-connection. Sonic conversation at first sustained across distant coasts, their album ‘MMXXI’ converges gently as an homage to beloved science fiction textures and themes emerges. Virosa is half of the Providence-based band Snowbeasts.

Wizard Peter


Peter Raffensperger has been writing electronic music for the entirety of this millennium. After many years in New Zealand and then California, he is now based in Massachusetts. He fell into the world of Eurorack in 2015 and has not recovered. In 2022, he summoned forth Wizard Peter as his live performance alter ego.



Robyn Alman a.k.a TotoRobyn loves all things synths and swords. Located outside Boston, MA, she loves the exploration of electronic music. TotoRobyn primarily composes ambient, downtempo, dance and chiptune music. She’s also an admin/member of The Golden Shrimp Guild, a welcoming community of electronic live musicians, multidisciplinary artists, and innovative creators and engineers who perform on Twitch.


Luke Stark


Luke Stark is a local Boston-area composer and synth nerd who’s  music is meant to spark your imagination and provide the soundtrack to your own dreams. Close your eyes and open up to sounds that provide moods and images for weaving your own musical stories.

Teaches Berlin-School and Prog
as “Synth Seeker” on YT.



Performing since 2015 as Vidumami, Eric Krauter produces an immersive dreamworld of mutating colors and patterns derived from live action video sources. The hints of familiarity in his scenes are split open by chaotic forces to reveal the liminal spaces at the edges of visual perception.


ximena is a Peruvian music producer based in Boston, MA and is originally from South Florida. She has worked with Daedelus on the release for their Drubbing remix, she has her song pi de limón featured in the Harmonix videogame FUSER, and she was voted Top 25 Tiny Desks in Massachusetts by WBUR in 2021 for her song baby beat. ximena became the first graduate from Berklee College of Music to graduate with the Electronic Digital Instrument as her primary instrument and has since taught for Beats by Girlz, worked for Berklee College of Music as a lab monitor, and been a featured producer and administrator for Save the Harbor’s Beats on the Beach competition.


James Coyne


¸Jame Coyne is a Somerville based VJ, artist, and software engineer. His VJ performances combine live parametric designed patches, prerendered 3D fractal graphics, and audio interactive techniques into a continuous lively psychedelic performance, tightly intertwined with the corresponding music.




NXOR is a Boston based musical experiment launched in early 2019 by Andrew Abrahamson. It is bounded by quasi-improvisational performances, pararhythmic minimalism, liminality, harmonic ambience, inverted dissociation and perceptual ambiguity. Eurorack modular composition, with its fluidity and impermanence, is well matched to these aesthetic interests and has become NXOR’s preferred medium in recent years.  NXOR frequently performs in collaboration with hypnotic live visuals from digital video artist Vidumami.


Retribution Body


Matthew Azevedo, under the project name Retribution Body, works with sound and frequency, utilizing a custom built amplification system called the Siege Tower and the architectural properties of the performance space to create a fully enveloping auditory and physical experience for their audience. Built on a foundation of academic research, acoustic theory, electrical engineering and the principles of zen meditation, a Retribution Body performance is a full sensory experience for the performer and listener.




Michael Dewberry is an artist who works in sculpture, software, architecture, music, video, theater, and electronics, preferably all at once.

As ANAGRAM he provides visual projections synthesized from modular components and is the core visual artist for NESF.


Allison Tanenhaus


Allison Tanenhaus is a Somerville–based digital glitch artist. She specializes in bold geometrics, kaleidoscopic color fields, trippy op art, anachronistic tech mashups, and unexpected dimensional qualities. Her primary formats include retrofuturistic GIFs, loops, and music videos; abstract public art; street art cat stickers; and large-scale video projections. Allison’s work has been showcased in 26 countries and she is a member of Boston electronic music group The Square Root of Negative Two.