“More people. More Excitement. More Synthfest.”

What can I expect at Synthfest 2022?

We got you covered

It doesn’t matter if you’re a “synth-noob” or one of the “Lords Of Synth” –  there is plenty see, hear and try at the Festival! Visit our next event:

New England Synthfest 2022
October 29th – 12pm-6pm
Burlington, MA

Lectures & Workshops

Interested in listening to a speaker or taking a class on synth-related topics?
We have a solid day of lectures and workshops for you.

Lecture/Workshop listing coming soon.


If sitting back and hearing new performances from some of New England’s most amazing  synth performers and visual artists is your thing then you’re in for a great afternoon!

From Noon till 6pm can expect a new act every thirty minutes…which means an ever-shifting collection of new sounds, new visuals and new aural experiences.

Performer Roster coming soon.

The Jam room

Do the words “groove boxes and synchronization” make you happy?
We have a room dedicated to letting people jam…with clock sync provided! Work together to get a synth groove moving with new friends from the synth community.

Jam Room support details coming soon.

Synthesizer Petting zoo

Have you ever wanted to touch everything in the museum? You can!
Come check out our “petting zoo” where local community members have setup a collection of their favorite synthesizers and (if you bring headphones) you can plug in and try everything!

If you get lost or need help, our staff of “synth handlers” will be there to give you a hand.

PLEASE NOTE: Bring your own headphones (mostly 1/4″ jacks – 1/8″ adapters too) in order to hear the synth. With so much in one room, we don’t use amplification…that would bring down the house!

Appropriate disinfectant materials will be on hand.

(Got a cool synth you want to bring to the zoo? Let us know!)

Exhibits & Vendors

Under the spell of a little Gear Acquisition Syndrome?
We’ve got vendors with awesome synths and synth-related gear as well as exhibits of new futuristic techniques and classic synths from days of yore.

Wander. Look. Shop!

Photo Credits: Jonathan Beckley jonathanbeckley.com






Credit: Jonathan Beckley jonathanbeckley.com










Credit: Jonathan Beckley jonathanbeckley.com